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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Total Social: Guilty Pleasures

Helene in Between

Today's topic is definitely a fun one: guilty pleasures! I have many, so let me share some of them with you.

Eating Cookie Dough
I'm a little bit addicted to eating raw cookie dough. I have been known to buy some simply to eat as cookie dough and never as cookies. If I am making cookies, I buy a large container so I have plenty of cookie dough to eat as well. Since becoming pregnant, this has been a hard thing to give up. Even when I want some yummy cookies, I refuse to buy cookie dough because I'm not sure I can resist eating it! 
image via Quick Meme

Self Serve Frozen Yogurt
This is another food addiction of mine. Whoever invented these types of places was a genius. I have no shame...I pile mine high with everything chocolate imaginable. Unfortunately, my husband refuses to eat at these places so I either have to go alone or find friends to go with. 
image via this fun Buzzfeed article

Reality TV or Competition Shows
I can pretty much get into any reality/competition show. So, I often just keep myself from watching them because I know once you's hard to stop. Some channels will do marathons of one reality show all day and in college, I definitely got sucked in like that a time or two. I have a few that I do watch on a regular basis- Dancing with the Stars, Dance Moms, Catfish, Shark Tank, and Next Great Baker. Although, I have been known to watch Duck Dynasty, Toddlers & Tiaras, Dating Naked, Whodunnit?, The Bachelor, Myrtle Manor, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Say Yes to the Dress, Supernanny, Undercover Boss, Pawn Stars, The Voice, etc. etc....the list could go on and on.
image via someecards

Throwback Music
I love listening to a 90s or 00s station on Pandora or busting out the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, etc music on my ipod. I think part of it is the nostalgia of it all. Another part is that music is fun. I can remember when that type of music started going out of style and it was embarrassing to be caught listening to it still. However, now #throwbacks are cool. 
(How many of you had the original Now CD?)
image via another fun Buzzfeed article

Okay...if I have to be completely honest...none of these things make me feel too guilty. :)

What about you? What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Anniversary/Babymoon Trip

Several months ago, Lee and I decided to go to the Outer Banks in July to celebrate our 4 year anniversary and the upcoming arrival of our daughter. Unfortunately, Lee got sick a week and half before our trip and stayed sick up until the trip. He wasn't 100% better when we left on Saturday morning. In the end, I think it was beneficial to him to get out of the house and get his mind on other things. Overall, we had a great time.

I really love the Outer Banks and I enjoy going to the beach, but I've already told Lee that our next vacation is to the mountains. I don't go there nearly as much, but it's my favorite vacation spot. We honeymooned in the mountains in Tennessee and my first choice of a Babymoon was to return there. For many reasons, that didn't work out. So, we made the best of what we could do.

Here are some pictures from our trip.

 On our drive, we saw a bear. 

On the first day, we went to see the Lost Colony play which was something we weren't able to do the first time we went to the Outer Banks. 

 One day, we went in search of wild horses which is also something we weren't able to see on our first Outer Banks trip. We ended up seeing a lot of them.

I always enjoy seeing the lighthouses. 

We didn't end up doing any laying out on the beach, but we did drive on it, walk on it, and collect some shells and driftwood.

If you've had a baby or are expecting a baby did you or are you planning to take a Babymoon? If you're married, do you take trips to celebrate your anniversary?

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's Never Enough

This summer, I participated in a Bible Study by Kelly Minter called No Other Gods. During the study, I reread some familiar Bible stories including the story of Rachel and Leah and the story of Eve. It can be easy to miss things in these familiar stories that I've heard since childhood. However, this time something really struck me.

It reminded me of a quote I read on Facebook from the Christian rapper, Lecrae and something one of my pastors had said at Christmas time when they were preaching through Ruth.

What were these things that God revealed to me? Head over to Satisfaction Through Christ where I'm posting today to find out...