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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Throwback Thursday {link up}: Senior Year Resume

Welcome to the first Throwback Thursday link up. 

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Throwback Thursday

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I am very excited to have Kera from Nugget on a Budget guest hosting Throwback Thursday for the month of January. Kera hosts a great link up every Tuesday called On My Mind where you can link up anything that has been on your mind lately. She also co-hosts the Super Sunday Sync blog hop every Sunday. She's super sweet and is always real and honest in her posts. You won't regret following along.

Today, we're not going to be traveling too far back. I'm going to take you back to my senior year of high school.

I keep my school yearbooks at home, so when I went home over Christmas I had fun looking through these.
Today, I'll share with you some of my senior year resume.
I am my senior class president which means I am responsible for organizing future class reunions.

I was also editor of the school yearbook. I loved being involved with the yearbook. We made some great memories in yearbook class.

I was co-captain of the colorguard. Band was a major part of my life in high school. During my senior year we turned into a colorguard/dance line and did a little of both. It was a lot of fun.

I was also involved in various clubs. Including being an officer in a few of them.

At my high school every year, the teachers chose 10 students from the class to be Teacher's Choice. I don't know what their criteria was for choosing. It didn't have to be the best students academically. I think they chose based on what kind of student you were, how you worked, how you behaved in class, etc.

This last one is my proudest achievement from high school. When I first started high school, I set my sights on being valedictorian.
Another girl and myself had GPAs that were so close we were declared co-valedictorians (although mine was higher by just a little)
As a senior, you also have the option of buying a page towards the back of the yearbook where you can include your own personal pictures and your family can include a message. I had two pages. My family bought one to include pictures of me through the years and I bought one to include pictures of me with my friends through the years. I love pictures.

So that's some of the things I was up to my senior year. What activities were you involved in in high school?

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Jennifer said...

I was a part of key club too!

Kera said...

Aww thanks for the shout out girlie! You did a good job putting this all together, it looks great :) I have mine up on the blog now too. Excited for this new venture!

And love those high school photos btw...mine always make me laugh because I'm such a different person now. How do you feel about organizing your HS reunions? Lol :)

Robin said...

Seems like you did a lot in high school. I admire that. Sometimes I wish I had gotten more involved instead of trying to be a rebellious punk type.

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh...You have a huge job ahead of planning a reunion. Any ideas to what you're going to do?